About John R Thompson

I was born and raised in Santa Barbara, CA.
I could not have asked for a better childhood, growing up with my 6 siblings, and a Mom and Dad that worked so hard to make us kids think we were the richest kids on earth. No, it wasn’t because we had a lot of money, in fact, unknown to me at the time, my parents struggled to make ends meet. How was I to know that Mom would add water to the ketchup bottles, or those nights when we ate corn fritters for dinner? We just thought it was fun because Mom made it that way!
All of us boys (4 boys and 3 girls) had paper routes starting at the age of 10, and we cut our neighbor’s lawns, as well as any other jobs we could muster up so we could afford some of the things our awesome parents could not afford to give us.
My Dad owned a dental laboratory (Channel City Dental Lab) where he made dentures. He worked very hard, sometimes 7 days a week just to make sure we kids were able to play sports and do some of the things that the other kids were doing.
We didn’t have the fancy toys that other kids had, and we didn’t go on expensive vacations, but to me, I had it all right there on Amarosa Street, playing “kick the can”, “hide n seek”, “3 flies and you’re up”, and other games I cannot mention in our society today… Yep, I had it all!
I learned a lot from my old man. Even though he was strict and usually a grumpy ol’ bear, he taught me things that I value to this day. He taught me to be as polite as I can be to other people, hold the door for anyone coming in or going out, and he showed me how to work hard for what I want in life.. and the right way is not always the easy way.
I really miss the old days when a handshake was all you needed as a contract between friends, and people would go out of their way to serve one another. Today, it’s so hard to find that kind of respect and I’m afraid our youth of today will never experience what I experienced as a kid.
Here I am now, just like my Dad, working hard to show my kids the values that I learned as a kid; work hard to provide the best service that you can, and your customers will never forget you. Be courteous to all you come in contact with and be true to yourself and to others.
In closing:
After owning a Century 21 and a Realty World franchise, I started my own Real Estate Company. I wanted the freedom to do things my way, the way my Dad would’ve done it; Old fashioned service with old fashioned values.
I guess that’s why I borrowed his business name, to remind me to keep those values alive.

John R Thompson Owner/Broker
Channel Cities Realty Group (DRE 01200900) 


“Your Real Estate Partner For Life”