About John R Thompson

John Thompson is a hard-working man who grew up in Santa Barbara, California with 6 siblings. His parents worked hard to make them think they were the richest kids on earth, but we were far from it.
His dad owned a dental laboratory and worked very hard to make sure his 7 kids were able to play sports and do other activities.
We didn’t have fancy toys or go on expensive vacations, but we had everything we needed right there on Amarosa street; like playing “kick the can”, or “3 flies and you’re up”, and even a little “ding-dong-ditch”
He learned a lot from his dad, including how to be respectful, polite, A man of his word, and work hard for what he wants.
John misses the old days when a handshake was all you needed as a contract, and people treated each other with respect.
He is now working hard to show his kids the values he learned as a kid.
John is a great example of someone who has overcome adversity to achieve success and is grateful to God for his many blessings.

John R Thompson Owner/Broker
Channel Cities Realty Group (DRE 01200900) 


“Your Real Estate Partner For Life”